The Play

Four full houses out of five performances at the
2013 DC Capital Fringe Festival!!

Critics said:

“If you’re looking to make a friend in DC, get a dog. This is a sentiment… deliciously echoed in Duke Ryan’s Madam Ambassador….The production is a humorous look into the absurd world of political dealings. The piece is full of biting dialogue and some truly sharp jabs.” DC Theatre Scene (read the full review)
“As a retired diplomat and historian, playwright Duke Ryan is savvy to the plots of international diplomacy, and his humor in dealing with these issues comes off clear and direct.” DC Metro Theatre Arts (read the full review)
The Idea: The play is a comedy of serious intent, a political satire with a very light touch that lampoons a really bad system, the sale of top diplomatic posts. The Story: Valerie Butts wants to be an ambassador, but not just anywhere. She wants a really nice post in Europe. But she knows her rough diamond of a husband, formerly a professional boxer, could never cut it in diplomatic circles. Furthermore, to get the kind of post she wants you have to put buckets of money into the President’s campaign fund, and she scarcely has bus fare. Alas, what to do? She desperately needs more money and less husband. Let’s watch what she does. The Script: Contact Duke Ryan for copies and permission to use or perform the play. You can read Act I of the script online.